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What do you want to learn about your family history?  A clear research question helps us focus on finding you answers.

Do you wonder what your great-grandfather did for a living?
Do you want to know which Mary White in the Bronx was your great-grandmother?

Are you a family history buff, but stuck at a brick wall that just won’t give?

Or maybe it’s more recent: are you hoping DNA can help you find a parent?

Fill out our contact form, and together we can determine what the best research options are for your needs.  

The Research Journey Begins

We sift through millions of records, across centuries and continents, conducting a detailed and personalized search for answers to your question.  Experienced genealogists know that while the internet gives us access to records worldwide at the click of the button, there is a lot of incorrect information out there, so we will qualify the data we find, based on the reliability of the source.  

A Complete Report of our Results

There is no one-size-fits-all in genealogy; the report you receive is tailored to your specific project.  Where possible, your report will include photos and copies of the historical records we’ve found. We will also suggest future avenues to explore.  

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