Walking Among The Dead

Decorative Work on Gravestone

Bored with social distancing? Need out of the house? How about taking a walk through the local cemetery, recording gravestones for genealogists near and far?

Today, I ventured forth to Mount Feake Cemetery in Waltham, Massachusetts. There were a lot of folks around, presumably because of the bald eagles that nest there. I had visited Find-A-Grave first, so I came armed with a list of graves that users wanted someone to photograph.

Gravestone of Sarah Young Havens, 1895-1896
photo by Nicole Sparks, 2020

As you can see, my photo-taking skills are en pointe! Please excuse the shadow of me holding up my phone. This particular shot is for my research into the history of a house (the Havens family lived there at one point). And yes, the top is very crooked, but seems securely attached now.

If you have some time and want a task, consider helping out a distant genealogist by taking some photos (and getting some exercise as some of these stones are easier to find than others!). Make sure to come armed with a map of the cemetery, and as much information about where to find the graves as you can get!